1K for Kids: Participate in Symposium from home!

This year at Symposium, we’re asking everyone to help continue the momentum for children in child care.

You created a social stir during our Reddit AMA event and helped generate thousands of emails to push the reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) through the Senate.

Now, you can join us for Symposium wherever you are. We’re challenging everyone who cares about children to help generate 1,000 actions for children, or 1K for Kids.

What’s an “action”?
That’s easy. Each of these actions will help us reach the goal.

• Tweet using #RYH4ChildCare
• Mention @USAChildCare in a tweet
• Retweet a #RYH4ChildCare tweet
• Like or share our Facebook status
• Post a photo on Instagram with #RYH4ChildCare
• Post about Symposium on LinkedIn
• Send a message to Congress through our Action Center
• Attend a Hill meeting at Day on the Hill or visit your state legislature
• Send a press release about your organization’s participation
Donate to support Child Care Aware® of America’s advocacy efforts

How’s it work?
Every action you take will count as one towards our 1,000 action goal. BUT, a donation will count as more. For example, if you donate $50 to Child Care Aware® of America, that counts as 50 actions for children.

Sample tweets

  • I’m supporting @usachildcare Day on the Hill, asking Congress for quality child care #RYH4ChildCare
  • Studies show trained caregivers offer better quality care. I support quality child care #RYH4ChildCare
  • Learning begins at birth. Support quality child care #RYH4ChildCare @usachildcare
  • 11 million children need child care. I support quality! #RYH4ChildCare @usachildcare
  • Don’t leave #children to chance! I support quality child care #RYH4ChildCare @usachildcare
  • Quality, affordable child care means more children get better start at life #RYH4ChildCare @usachildcare
  • 90% of brain development happens from ages 3-5. Support quality child care #RYH4ChildCare @usachildcare
  • Send a message to Congress about quality child care. #RYH4ChildCare @usachildcare http://ow.ly/viSlN

Sample Facebook posts
Dr. Myra Jones-Taylor, the first executive director of Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood, will close out symposium with her keynote address, “Building an Early Childhood System: Innovating for children Now and Into the Future.” What do you think makes a quality child care system? Find out as we recap the 2014 Symposium. #RYH4ChildCare http://ow.ly/rO3XV

Share this Facebook post to help us generate 1,000 actions for children, or 1K for Kids. We’ll tally the actions with #RYH4ChildCare each day during the Child Care Aware® of America 2014 Symposium and share our progress. Every person who takes an action for children will be entered to win a prize. We’re giving one prize away each day. Visit http://symposium.usa.childcareaware.org/ 1K for Kids to learn more!

Sample LinkedIN Post
I support a quality child care system because it helps give children a great start at life and allows families to pursue work and education. Follow the conversation about child care and early learning during Child Care Aware® of America’s 2014 Symposium. #RYH4ChildCare

Every day during symposium we’ll randomly pick a winner from the pool of people who help us reach 1K for Kids.

Presenting at Symposium?
Send a press release. That counts as an action!

What you can win:
• Complimentary Membership to Child Care Aware® of America
• A copy of Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Shulte, which features interviews with Child Care Aware® of America
• A drawstring goody bag from Child Care Aware® of America

Check your progress
Check Facebook every day during Symposium to see the progress you’re making towards 1K for Kids.

Learn more about Symposium


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