PBS NewsHour on the Cost of Child Care

Last week PBS NewsHour aired a story about child care and featured three families whose stories represent millions of others in the United States today; the story of families who find it is sometimes more affordable not to work, than to pay for child care, and the quality of child care they can afford.

I sat down with PBS NewsHour for the broadcast as well. We are often contacted for  comments, facts and history on the rising costs of child care – but few stories capture the real point behind our Cost of Care reports; that child care is an economic and education issue that affects everyone.

The cost of child care is certainly financial news, but more importantly the cost of child care highlights how our nation’s child care system is preventing families from working because it’s simply too expensive and families don’t often know what they’re really getting for that price.  Instead of a child care system that empowers families to make a better life for them and their children, we have a child care system that is fragmented and frankly, in too many cases, simply unsafe.

This summer, Child Care Aware of America will release its annual Child Care in America State Fact Sheets. These reports lay bare the numbers beyond cost – availability, how families pay for child care, what states pay to subsidize child care and many more facts about working families today. We look forward to the dialogue.

Meanwhile, what did you think of the PBS NewsHour broadcast? Watch,  then comment below.



One thought on “PBS NewsHour on the Cost of Child Care

  1. Childcare Providers costs are also going up, food, electric, gas, crafts, curriculum, and basic supplies. I am charging $150.00 wk a child over 2 yrs. divide that into a 12 hour day, which most parents are now using all that time. It works out to $2.50 an hour. A babysitter makes more than we do per child, per hour. Now granted we make more due to the fact we have more than one child. We also have payroll to meet for the help we hire, that supports us daily.
    Why should a provider have to give her service away because parents are complaining that costs are too high. We now have parents walking in, and changing their rates to suit their budgets. My question is what are parents going to do when providers walk away from their businesses, due to lack of income to support their business, and their families?
    What I see every time this comes up on a television parents are demanding that we reduce our rates. We don’t tell other businesses to reduce their rates why are being told we should reduce ours, taking care of children requires, time, love, patience, and teaching them at young ages can be challenging at times. So instead of making us wrong, we should be grateful that we have providers that care about the parents, their children, and thank them for the service they provide for families.

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