Highlighting Corporate Investments in Early Education

Strengthening the economy and building a competitive workforce starts with high quality child care and early childhood education – and not all corporations understand that. Now, you have a chance to bring recognition to business partners who not only understand, but who take action.

readynationReady Nation is seeking the help of state networks and local CCR&Rs to highlight these partnerships in a resource list on their website called “Ready2Go”.  This site is visited most often by business leaders across the nation looking for “best practice” ideas for getting their own companies involved in early childhood education.

Ready2Go is a collection of early childhood initiatives that have significant business involvement, including through their corporate social responsibility efforts. The database provides a wide range of ideas to help business leaders support local early childhood programs, using their expertise, employees, networks, time and resources to help children in their communities succeed in school and in life.

Ready Nation views “investment” broadly, as do we – it includes time, staff, materials, funds, and other resources.

This is a great opportunity to increase business, government, and public awareness for the value of Child Care Resource and Referral as a convener and leader in early childhood investment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to http://www.readynation.org/
  2. Under the “Programs” tab, click on “ready2go”
  3. On the lower left side of the page you will see a “Submit a Project” link. Click here.
  4. Complete the simple form and submit.
  5. The submissions are reviewed by Ready Nation prior to posting.

Thank you for all you do to further the field of child care and early childhood education. We rely on you!



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